Mixtape Monday



Happy Monday!

Since alot of yall are staying indoors from the recent covid-19/Corona virus outbreak and are approaching extreme boredom,.. I figured now is as good a time as any to introduce yall to this new mini mix that I randomly found on soundcloud for today's #mixtapemonday!

Today's entry is probably the shortest mix I've ever shared but it's packed with some dope New Jack tracks by one of my favorite 90s groups #BasicBlack!

Click the link below and vibe it with me! 





It's #mixtapemonday! And my man @djraydomingo has done it again!

He actually dropped this mix a few days ago so shame on me for just now reposting!

Nevertheless, peep the ill tracks laced together by the big homey.

Also please make sure to give him a follow if you aren't already! He's got a whole playlist full of dope 90snthrowback mixes that you just MUST listen too if you're a fan of the genre of #hiphopmusic!

 Click the link below for the mix!



Swing Back 2 Da New Jack Mix Vol 4 | #mixtapemonday

Swing Back 2 Da New Jack Mix Vol 4 | #mixtapemonday

Happy Monday everybody! Today I've got another #mixtapemonday for your listening pleasure. 

Shoutout to the OG Stevie Street who never ever fails when it comes to the hype new jack mixes!
One thing I love about Stevie Streets mixes is that I'm ALWAYS left scratching my head on most of all of his tracks. Now don't get me wrong, my new jack knowledge runs very deep! So the fact that him and a few other select DJs can make me wonder really says alot about their artistry!

As always please yall do me a HUGE favor and if you...