Swing Back 2 Da New Jack Mix Vol 4 | #mixtapemonday

Happy Monday everybody! Today I've got another #mixtapemonday for your listening pleasure. 

Shoutout to the OG Stevie Street who never ever fails when it comes to the hype new jack mixes!
One thing I love about Stevie Streets mixes is that I'm ALWAYS left scratching my head on most of all of his tracks. Now don't get me wrong, my new jack knowledge runs very deep! So the fact that him and a few other select DJs can make me wonder really says alot about their artistry!

As always please yall do me a HUGE favor and if you dig this mix then please give my mans Stevie Street a follow on your socials! This man has been in the game for a minute and has always been providing dope content to us for FREE on a consistent basis for even longer!

I personally enjoy each and every one of these mixes he pushes out. And if you're a new jack lover then I'll guarantee you'll dig his work!

Twitter @StevieSteet
IG @stevie_street
FB Stevie Street

Click the link below to bump the mix!

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