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Day 4 of #100daysofnewjack!

Here is yet another 90's girl group/New Jill Swing group that sadly went nowhere despite being hyped by their label as bringing a "fresh street perspective to R&B music." Unfortunately, there was no shortage of groups like this during the early to mid 90s (SWV, TLC to name a few) and although it got a positive review from Billboard Mag & made a noticeable impact on the Hot R&B Singles chart, these 3 ladies quickly followed like the others back into obscurity. 

The above song - a chilled West Coast vibe - never made it off the radio (meaning it was never distributed to the general public) but a video to the song must've been made as it did appear on MTV's on-demand station The Box.
Again such a shame that they went nowhere. Like many other R&B groups and singers during the 90s & early 2000s, it seems they were just around to fill that given year's quota for black and urban music.
Dope remixes of the short-lived trio's only single & released to test press vinyl only in 1994. I didn't think anything could trump the original...boy I was wrong!

EMI Records

Original Version 3:53
Soul Mechanic Remix 4:40
Funky Worm Remix 4:14
Soul Mechanic Club Mix 4:57
David Meyes Funky Worm Club Mix 5:33

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