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In honor of last night's epic battle, I thought it'd be a cool idea to highlight these 2 musical icons and the groups that they first started out in! Today we will begin with the creator of new jack himself, Mr Teddy Riley and his former group Kids At Work!


Kids At Work were an R&B trio from New York City that included Clurel Henderson, keyboardist Teddy Riley and bassist Timmy Gatling. Teddy formed the group under the guidance of local music producer (also his uncle) Gene Griffin.

In 1984, Kids at Work released their self-titled debut album on the Sound of New York record label. No records indicate if the album charted or not. Their first single "Sugar Baby" peaked at #50 on Billboard's Black Singles chart , staying on the chart for 7 weeks! The second single "Singing Hey Yea" peaked at #64 on Billboard's Hot Black Singles chart, staying on the chart for 8 weeks.

Kids At Work's last release together was the 1986 single, "Togetherness" which was released on Rooftop Records.

Teddy and Timmy went on to form the popular R&B trio, Guy, but Gatling left the group after the recording of Guy's debut album was completed and was replaced by Aaron Hall's brother Damion. After the success of Guy, Teddy went on to form R&B group, Blackstreet in late 92.

Click here to listen to "She's My Baby"


Click here to listen to "Singin Hey Yeh"

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